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New Animation
April 2022

You will see from our homepage that we've created a new animation from Bla's logo. This was a project completed alongside animator Emma Hewson and we had a lot of fun developing the idea which brought the logo alive. Emma created an animated Christmas card for us last year too and this new animation was a further development from that initial project. You can also see this new animation on the following youtube link which also includes some fun music and sound! For any of you out there wishing to do something similar, I would highly recommend Emma for projects of this type!

Ceri Conquers Cardiff
March 2022

We are so proud of Ceri's achievement in completing the Cardiff Half Marathon on a very warm Sunday, in two hours. Congratulations on a fantastic run Ceri and on to the next one now...!

A day in the life of a translator - by Margiad Dobson
March 2022

“Translation is key to developing corporate language schemes as well as empowering communities."

I believe that "develop" is a very good word to use when talking about translation. Not only are you developing your linguistic ability and understanding of the aspects of the Welsh language, but you are also developing as a Welshman or Welsh-woman.
Since starting my first job as a translator almost three years ago, I feel that I have dealt with the Welsh language in many different forms, and have enriched my understanding of the position of the language in Wales.

Translation is not a matter of translating text from one language to another. Like all manufacturing processes there are rules to follow, standards to maintain and editors to please!

By no means do I count myself an experienced translator, but I now feel confident enough to try and translate a variety of work. One of my favourite elements is having the opportunity to translate different types of texts, from posters to articles, policies and some slogans!

Usually, I start the whole process by reading the document in order to understand the tone, context and content of the piece. I try not to stray too far from the original English text, to avoid losing the meaning of the piece, although certain tasks give the translator a degree of freedom to put his, or her, own stamp on the work, from changing a few syntaxes, breaking sentences and changing the language from formal to informal.

I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoy these pieces, however, I always get a thrill trying to translate a bulky piece of work that presents a real challenge for the translator. I also like to distinguish between formal and informal language. Regardless of the type of piece to be translated, I always learn something from it, and by following this process of reading, translating and editing, I make sure I maintain consistency and present work of the highest quality.

Another aspect of translation that I enjoy is the opportunity to use dedicated software to support the whole process. Prior to starting my current career, I had not had the opportunity to use translation software, so getting used to using this sort of software on a daily basis was quite a challenge at first. After a few weeks of getting to know the functions and features that MemoQ, the translation software we use in Bla, had to offer, the translation process flowed much easier. Prior to starting my current job, I had never worked in an office-based role, and was quite concerned about having to sit in front of a computer on a daily basis reading and translating. I was worried about getting tired and become insipid of this way of working; On the contrary, as I’m completely immersed in work, the hours fly by, and I haven't been bored or had time to twiddle my thumbs for a second since I started this job nearly three years ago.

This is a very small picture of my experience of translation, and there are many other elements and aspects that can be discussed. I'm really looking forward to developing as a translator, being open to the opportunities that this sector has to offer, and how the Welsh language will develop over the coming years.

Internet Improvements
February 2022

With additional staff having joined us over the past few weeks, we've had the opportunity to take some new photographs (thanks Richard Jones ). The Staff section has been completely updated - go and have a look!

And another!
February 2022

And in January, we were delighted that Sian Hydref joined us as a Translator, having spent many years as a teacher and Head of the Welsh Department at one of Anglesey's secondary schools. Welcome Sian. The office is becoming quite full and the tea and coffee breaks are quite an operation!

A new member of the team
February 2022

A new translator joins us! Nia Morus Lovelock has joined us here at Bla as a Translator. Nia, who lives here in Llangefni, began working with us in December having spent many years as a teacher and looking for a new career path.

Full membership of the ITI for Anna
January 2022

Congratulations to Anna, one of our Senior Translators, who recently became a full member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting following a thorough and detailed application presented towards the end of 2021. Such a pleasure to see our staff developing their professional qualifications within the company.

Associate Membership of the ITI for Margiad
January 2022

One of our translators has recently succeeded in gaining the Associate Membership of the Institute of Translating and Interpreting. Congratulations Margiad following all your hard work and commitment and good luck with the continued CPD!

New office
January 2022

Another room added to our existing premises next to our growing suite of offices. A small meeting room, a PC for Zoom or Teams and peace and quiet for tricky translations tasks or some lunch!

Our new Finance Officer!
February 2020

Whilst we will be very sad to say goodbye shortly to our current retiring finance officer, Eirwen, we are delighted that we have managed to recruit Rachel Hodge, who will join us from April. Rachel brings a wealth of experience in finance from the private sector and we are really looking forward to making her feel welcome in the office as she returns to Anglesey!

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